Privacy Policy of the website

1. General information.

  1. The portal is operated by  Ekspertyzy Ubezpieczeniowe SALTEX Małgorzata Altdorfer-Wąsikowska, Mariusz Simiński s.c., 03-984 Warszawa, ul. Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 6/178, NIP: 1132565478, REGON: 140197830
  2. The portal acquires information on users and their behavior in following ways:
    1. Via information voluntarily introduced in questionnaires.
    2. Via saving cookies in the final devices.
    3. Via gathering the logs of server www by the host operator G. Przewłocki, G. Zieleźny, S. Milewski, M. Chudy Spółka Jawna, 45-801 Opole, ul. Partyzancka 5a, NIP: 754-27-70-413, REGON: 532450984, KRS: 0000325599.

2. Information in questionnaires.

  1. The Portal is gathering information introduced voluntarily by User.
  2. The Portal may save information on parameters of connection (time and IP address)
  3. Unless there is a User’s consent, data from questionnaire is not made accessible to the third parties.
  4. Data from questionnaire is processed only to meet the aim of the concrete questionnaire, i.e. in order to complete the process of running the portal’s entry or informative contact.

3. Information on cookies.

  1. The Portal is using cookies.
  2. Cookies are informatics data, especially text files, which are storage in the final device of User of the Portal and are meant to use the website of the Portal. Usually cookies contain the name of website from which they come from, time of their storage on the final device and unique number.
  3. Host Operator is both: putting cookies on the final device of User of the Portal and accessing them.
  4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
    1. Creating statistics, which helps understanding the way of using websites by Users of the Portal, which helps to improve the structure and contents of the website;
    2. Maintaining the session of User (after log in) so User does not have to log in on every sub-website;
    3. Defining User’s profile in order to display matching advertisement materials, especially in the Google network.
  5. In the framework of the Portal two types of cookies are used: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are gathered on the final device of User until logging out, leaving the website or closing the software (internet browser). Persistent cookies are gathered in User’s final device for the determined in parameters period of time or until User deletes them.
  6. Software created to go through websites (internet browser) usually implicitly allows storage of cookies in the final device of User. Users of the Portal may change these settings – Settings – Privacy. Internet browser makes it possible to delete cookies. It is possible to automatically block cookies. Detailed information on this issue is contained in Help or in the documents of internet browser.
  7. Limitations on using cookies may affect some of the functions available on the websites of the Portal.
  8. Cookies that are placed in User’s final device may be used also by the advertisement companies, partners and external software if they cooperate with the Operator. In such cases they are installed in the forms of plugs – i.e. social plugs on or others.
  9. We recommend to read the policy of privacy protection of these companies to learn the rules of using cookies that are used in statistics: Privacy policy Google Analytics (
  10. Cookies may be used by advertisement networks, especially Google, to display advertisements matching to the way that User is using the Portal. For this purpose they may keep the information on User’s navigation path or the time that he/she is spending on specific website.
  11. Regarding the information on the preferences of User, that are gathered by the advertisement network of Google, User may control and edit the information based on cookies through the tool:

4. Server’s logs.

  1. Information on some of Users’ behaviors are subject to log on the server layer. The data is used only to administrate the Portal and to secure the most efficient host services.
  2. Browsed resources are indentified via URL. Moreover saved may be:
    1. Time of receiving the question,
    2. Time of sending the answer,
    3. Name of the client station – identification via HTTP protocol,
    4. Information on the errors that occurred during the realization of HTTP transaction,
    5. URL address of the website previously visited by User (referer link) – in the case of entering the Portal via link,
    6. Information on User’s browser,
    7. Information on the IP address.
  3. Above-mentioned data is not connected to specific person browsing websites.
  4. Above-mentioned data is not used only for the purpose of administrating the server.

5. Making data accessible.

  1. Data is to be made accessible to the external subjects only within legal framework.
  2. Data that makes it possible to identify the person is to be made accessible only with the consent of this person.
  3. The Operator may be obliged to give the information gathered by the Portal to the authorized organ for its lawful demand, in the scope of that demand.

6. Managing cookies – how to give or take back our consent?

  1. If User does not want to get cookies, it is possible to change the browser’s settings. Although, we reserve that turning off cookies, that are essential for the authorization process, security or maintain User’s preferences may hamper or even make it impossible to use www.
  2. In order to managing cookies settings choose from the list of the most popular internet browsers/systems, the one which you are currently using and follow the instructions:
    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Firefox
    5. Opera
    6. Android
    7. Safari (iOS)
    8. Windows Phone
    9. Blackberry

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